I’m just tapping away. Every day I get a bit of free time I squeeze out a few words, string together an sentence or two and then when there’s enough paragraphs to make up a 500 word piece, I put it on here.

It’s not for you, you know.

But I do like the thought that you’re there. You – yes. Don’t look away or keep on scrolling. I’m talking to you because you’ve taken the time to read this far.

It’s not for you but I’m really glad that you’re reading because it means that you’re curious and you’re still looking and the day we stop looking and trying and caring is the day that we may as well throw up our hands and chuck it all in.

We’re pushing back; that’s what we’re doing. Well it’s what I’m trying to do, at least. I have my views and I’m sure you do too. We’re all full of views. We’re drip-fed a constant stream of someone else’s views on an endless cycle these so that we forget they’re just views and settle into the idea that they’re the mainstream thought that we’re an outsider not to think.

I won’t waste my time fighting that. I look constantly to step outside of the circle. I teach my kids that, too: both my own kids and the ones that I teach. I encourage them to look outside of the here and now and the wall to opinions, ready-made for us, and to find the fringes of the circle: the bits that don’t tesselate. They’re very close.

Chances are that you can look outside your window right now and you’ll see a bit of it in the poking fingers of a tree or the tiniest glimpse of a distant hill or field.

So I’m taking the time out to write this to you because I think it’s simple and think you’re benefit from it. If you’ve come this far then I owe you that much at least.

Maybe drop me a line, tell me how you got on: what you saw. If you like.

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