Cases c.350 

The food is untouched in the garage, though I did have to have stern words with eldest for dipping in to the cordial supply. 

“But we had run out of blackcurrant, dad” she said. She didn’t get it. Better half replaced it because she could see where I am with this stuff. 

It shouldn’t be touched. When it is then we are in a situation – or I’ve brought it mainstream because the dates about to go. I might get locks on the cupboards. Or on the garage. I think the roller door may not be strong enough when it comes to it so this will also need considering as we get closer. 

The BBC has a theme tune and graphics for the virus. It has reached celebrity status. Football matches in Italy have been cancelled and the 6nations rugby looks in doubt – just as England is topping the table. 

Italy is in total shut down. The virus really has ravaged that place and people, like in Wuhan a month ago, are being told to stay indoors. 

I’m waiting for it all to blow over. I’m still convinced that it will, but the boss called us all in for an extra briefing today to tell us that he think it likely that the school will be shut at some stage and that we will be expected to teach our usual timetables remotely from home if it does. It sort of takes the gloss off it a bit, and maybe that’s what he wanted. There is no romance to having twenty kids break the peace of the study so that I can teach them through an internet speed decimated by my own kids on Netflix or Youtube or whatever. 

It makes it a little bit realer, though I’m still untouched in any other sense by the virus other than that I can’t find hand sanitiser anywhere on the shop shelves. That said, there’s no UHT milk at the moment, either, and supplies of toilet roll are perilously low. Er guess who’s already got a ton of it in his garage… 

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