The world has changed. There is no denying it now and it feels like it must have felt during times of conflict and national tragedy. It’s no so much the virus that we fear but the changes we’re being forced to undertake. 

The hope is that it will all seem like a huge over-reaction when it’s all over, but this is no media scare; this isn’t one of those things that we all talk about for a day or two then awkwardly distance ourselves from when we realise the part that we’ve played in the hype. It feels like a weird dream but it’s very real. 

Schools are shut. Pubs are shut. Theatres, gymns, cafes and restaurants. All shut. Supermarket shelves are emptying in a way that they only do in films and the people, smaller in number, it’s true, wander round in a daze wondering if they should buy stuff just because it’s on the shelf and might not be tomorrow. They’re talking about the economy crashing but I bet retail has done ok in the past few weeks. 

How to make an adventure out of all this, then? There’s opportunities in everything – and I don’t mean the guy who stockpiled toilet roll all those years ago, or the ones who kept a hold of the old freezer just in case. I mean simply taking the opportunity to change the dredgy rhythm of the past few years. It has been boring, let’s be honest. And now there’s the perfect reason to do something different and get into new habits. 

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