Nature carries on and the sun shines as if the world is smiling. I heard a good one today: 

Maybe humans are the virus and corona is the antidote. 

It would be difficult for any of us to argue with that. 

So people have deserted the cities as they’ve been told to and the centres are eerily quiet. If Big Ben was striking he would do so in the earshot of few.  

But then we see pictures of packed beaches and holiday promenades; of the cars lining the tiny lanes surrounding Snowdon. It’s as if these idiots think that it’s the cities that are infected. When actually, it’s them. I wonder how many of them have carried the virus with them, out of the city and up into the rural corners of the island. 

In my fields where no one goes there is fresh air and wonderful sunsets; there is the space to breathe from high above the town and the world as all of this madness unfolds itself. 

I don’t tell you this because I think that you should do it too. I would be quite happy if you did as you were told and stayed in your house. I don’t do this for you. I wouldn’t dream of thinking that I could do that. 

Are you ok, though? I’m asking because I’m worried. 

About you. 

But don’t tell anyone. 

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